£7142average monthly shop takings
75%cheaper than other competitors
130K +user accounts
11M +orders processed

Desktop? Tablet? Mobile?

Responsive online ordering comes with desktop, tablet and mobile ordering as standard. One service across all devices.

Straight to Epos...

Orders come in to the till or printer of your choice, immediately. Any menu changes you make are automatically pushed to your online ordering website, no need to wait for help

Or a dedicated tablet

For those that don't have our EPOS system, worry not, you can still use Integer's online ordering. All you need is a tablet running Microsoft Windows, an internet connection, and we will do the rest.

All the features you'll need

Absolutely free

Beautiful design as standard

For customers with a limited budget but large needs, our standard templates are carefully designed to make your business stand out.

Bespoke Design

For customers needing that bit extra, we have a dedicated design department who can build a bespoke system to your specification.

Totally Secure

Our systems run on UK based servers offering you the maximum speed and uptime possible.

We also offer unbeatable cyber security (full DDoS protection) to keep you, your business and your customers safe.

A range of add-ons available

Take your pick

Optional integrated app

For both iPhone & Android, our app integrates seamlessly with the online ordering system

Pricing / Contact

All tracked with MyInteger

Allowing you to see a breakdown of your current orders, payments and customers with a detailed analysis of customer points, and granular promotion options.