Integer’s Top Tips for Getting More Orders (Part II)

If there’s one thing you can say for sure about millennials, it’s that they love a takeaway. In fact, according to The Caterer, it’s the generation born between 1981-1996 who spend the most on takeaways, ordering more than once a week, on average.

Add to this, millennials are always up for a touch of retro, a little throwback to the past, and to relive those childhood memories that somehow seem so distant, yet clear as day in the mind.

Think back to your school days. The 12pm-1pm canteen dinners, the “mum, can I have my friend round for tea?” moments. Almost everything revolved around food in some way, shape or form. Perhaps it comes from having such few cares in the world, little or no responsibility, and focusing our attention on just…being kids.

Okay, so before we do a collective ugly cry here at Integer HQ, (yeah, we’re talking about that Kim Kardashian type of bawling), let’s think back to some of the foods we adored back in the day…

  1. Mini pizzas made from half a bap/teacake/roll (let’s not start that particular argument - you know what we mean)
  2. Individual garlic flatbreads (usually smothered in gravy…why?)
  3. Potato Smiles (why was there always one burnt one?)
  4. Turkey Dinosaurs (let’s be honest - they didn’t look anything like dinosaurs, did they?)
  5. Potato Waffles (these absolutely baffle Americans - “wait, you guys put beans on these?!” - yes, they’re not the same kinda waffle…)
  6. Spam fritters (it’s Spam…dipped in batter…deep fried. What? It’s delicious!)
  7. Jam Roly Poly (if you were born in the 80s or 90s and you don’t like this, something isn’t right…)
  8. Chocolate sponge cake with bright green mint custard (yeah, you know what we’re talking about, and you love it)
  9. Cornflake tart (it’s flaky, it’s tarty, it’s chewy, and it’s a mouthful of 90s memories - that’s all you need to know)
The list goes on and on, but the point here is, you can easily add these items to your menu as ‘Limited Edition’ individual items (more for the desserts) or as a ‘Throwback/Retro Munchie Box’, and not only will customers go crazy for them, they’re super cheap to put together, and very convenient for the kitchen to produce.

With our inTouch System, it’s so easy to update your menu via the EPOS, which will automatically update your online menu (your personalised, bespoke website) and your app instantly. And if you want some assistance marketing and promoting your new menu items, we can do all of this for you on Facebook (it’s free - yes, absolutely free). Check out more about this here

In conclusion, and we’ll be very blunt here; you’re missing a trick if you don’t keep up with food trends and cash in on them. Remember, we’re always here to help you with these sorts of things - to give you ideas, and to help you execute them in your restaurant or takeaway. Your success means everything to us, so don’t hesitate to get inTouch with us for any reason.
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