Integer Recommends: Our Favourite Eateries in the Midlands

We’ve compiled a list of the best takeaways in the Midlands, and we’ll continue to plod across the country as we make our way through 2022. Whittling this down to five per area - a total of fifteen nationwide - wasn’t a simple task. Have you heard the saying, “don’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach”? Well, writing these reviews can be somewhat similar - Integer assignments can be hungry work, at times!

As we continue our journey, we make our way into the centre of the U.K., starting with...

Stef’s Pizza & Grill (Kidderminster)

Just one look at the reviews on Google and Facebook will tell you there’s a common opinion about Stef’s, and that’s how good their kebabs are. Many eateries across the U.K., no, across the world, will call themselves a “grill” and there won’t be a hint of iron or charcoal in the vicinity. It’s worth a visit to the West Midlands town just to taste that smoky goodness - seriously.

Stef’s isn’t all about the grilled meats, though. As the name of the place suggests, they do pizza, and oh, do they do pizza very well. There’s less than ten pizzas on offer, and whilst some may see a menu with 50+ pizza choices as a good thing, real foodies know the truth - the smaller the menu, the better. If anyone’s ever watched Gordon Ramsay before, they’ll know his rules for a successful business - “Do just a few items, and do them really well. Don’t spread yourself too thin by doing a lot of items averagely or badly”.

Check out their menu here.

Grill-It (Wolverhampton)

Mediterranean cuisine isn’t something the U.K. market is necessarily saturated with, and it can be a bit of a hidden gem when you find a really good, really legitimate place that serves Greek & Cypriot food.

Enter, Grill-It. Known for the freshness of their ingredients, and the unique flavour profiles, this place really is a culinary experience rather than just a “quick bite”. A quick peruse of the Google Reviews will show you how often people compare it, and rate it higher, than a certain chain of chicken restaurants that’s taken the U.K. by storm in recent years.

Their sweet potato fries, halloumi fries, and chilli cheese bites are a particular favourite from the selection of sides, with their wings, burgers, and wraps being constantly talked about on social media.

Check out their menu here.

Saracens (Nottingham)

Google “Saracens Nottingham” - go on, do it. What do you see? Yup, that’s a 4.8 stars rating from over a thousand reviews. That makes Saracens one of the highest-rated establishments we work with here at Integer, and there’s a few reasons why. Firstly, Saracens isn’t just for great food - they offer a vast array of Shisha; something that’s an experience and a night out, in and of itself. Pair with the flavourful Shisha selection a lovely little collection of mocktails, and you’ve got plenty to get your tastebuds tantalised before moving onto your apps and entrées.

One of the standout menu items has to be their fish & chips - a deep-fried piece of flaky coley, lustfully paired with their signature sweet chilli chips - unreal, and one of the highlights of their freshly-prepared offerings. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you won’t go far wrong with the dessert menu, as their cakes, waffles, brownies, and sundaes - and if by chance you can’t find a sundae you fancy, there’s a create-your-own option - Nottingham is so lucky!

Check out their menu here.

Bare Grillz (Worcester)

What do you think of when you hear “build your own”? Probably Ikea, right? Well, that’s not quite where we’re going with this…

Enter Bare Grillz; the Worcester-based grillhouse famous for their ‘Bare Grillz Boxes’. There’s a decent amount of places offering these step-by-step lunchboxes these days, but Bare Grillz stands out from the crowd. With their ingredients being lovingly prepared, you can customise your lunch safe in the knowledge that the staff there have taken time to properly season the proteins so the unique Bare Grillz flavour provides a memorable foodie experience for those craving something a little different.

They’re a firm favourite with local fitness fanatics, too, due to their healthy options across the board.

Check out their menu here.

Finesse Desserts (Leamington Spa)

Our Midlands list wouldn’t be complete without a ‘pudding’ place. Finesse Desserts has customers far and wide purring over their sweet treats. Competition is stiff for waffles, crepes, and milkshakes these days, so it’s incredibly important to stand out - and that’s something Finesse have managed to do.

We’re big fans of anywhere that thinks outside the box, and pulling out the retro classics is always going to be a winner for those born in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Their Victoria Sponge, Apple Cumble, and ‘Concrete Gold’, which is a throwback to those golden memories of school dinners, offering a generous slab of dense sponge, and a delicious covering of chocolate sauce, custard, or, wait for it…Turkish Delight (!), you’ll be transported back to a time when you had very few cares in the world.

Check out their menu here.
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