Made in Manchester, and now officially ‘Made in Britain'

We take a lot of pride in what we do, and one of the things we’ve always been passionate about is the fact we’re a Manchester-based company, making a digital product for UK-based businesses - thus supporting the UK economy and creating jobs nationwide.

When Integer was founded in 1986, we set out with the strong intention of ensuring our customers were well looked after and felt like a part of the family, because that’s what we are - a family company. In turn, we like the idea of supporting local businesses, local people, and local families.

There’s always been a certain quality associated with British-made products, whether it be steel from Sheffield, Cadbury’s chocolate from Birmingham, or Aston Martin cars from London; one thing’s for certain - we do things to a pretty high standard here in ‘Old Blighty’. However, due to the low cost of overseas labour and production, a large portion of our industry has moved away from UK shores.

It’d be easier (and much cheaper) for us to outsource our customer support to any number of countries, or to host our service from servers in a country far, far away at a fraction of the cost, but the fact is, we want to support other businesses in the UK, and create jobs for people locally. Our servers are based right here in Manchester, our staff are all from the UK (England & Scotland), and we guarantee our customers that they’ll never be sent around in circles trying to get answers to their questions - as near to perfect communication as possible is paramount to us.

We also pride ourselves on ensuring the product we make is of the highest quality. It’s not quite the same as showing someone a finished product such as a couch, a rucksack, or even something as simple as a thimble, because digital products are a relatively new concept. However, we love the fact we can exercise quality control from the very root of the program, ensuring our customers get the absolute best when it comes to an EPOS system for their restaurant or takeaway.

Partner at Integer, James Harris said, “We’re proud to be recognised by Made in Britain as our software is made for the UK, in the UK, and supported by the UK”.

Marketing Manager at Integer, William Greenwood stated, “It’s so important to give a brand a level of trustworthiness that makes the customer feel safe to part with their hard-earned money to purchase the products made by that brand. Made in Britain isn’t just a strong statement - it’s a stamp of approval that can help sell a product in higher volumes. We’re happy to be a part of the movement.”

Integer Group - Officially Made In Britain

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